December Garden Tips

  1. Purchase poinsettias early in the month.
  2. Protect new landscape plants from wind damage.
  3. Prune hardy dormant deciduous trees, shrubs, and vines, if you haven’t already done so.
  4. Prune fall and winter-blooming shrubs and vines after bloom. Do not prune spring-blooming plants.
  5. Water living Christmas trees.
  6. Monitor houseplants for adequate water, fertilizer and humidity. Water and fertilizer requirements generally are less in winter; do not feed dormant houseplants at all.
  7. Make sure outside plants have adequate soil moisture. Plants need moisture in winter, too.
  8. Check stored bulbs for rot or fungus. Discard any that have problems.
  9. Make holiday decorations from outdoor shrubs and trees.
  10. Don’t forget to turn your compost pile.
  11. Tie up limbs of evergreens to prevent snow or ice breakage.
  12. Start planning your spring garden!