Many people have gas grills, Mosquito Magnets and other tools and devices fueled with propane. Most can be filled at Constantine’s. You can get the propane tanks for both residential and most commercial applications refilled here.

You can also take those tanks to a propane tank exchange place and swap your tanks for one of their tanks. Swapping out your tanks is not a good idea.

The commonly used gas grill tank holds 20 lbs. of propane. If you take it to a tank exchange, they will give you a tank with 15 lbs. of propane in the tank. The price you pay for the 15 lbs. is, in many cases, is what we charge for a full tank of propane. If you swap your tank, you may also get an older tank that has been re-tested. Re-tested tanks may only be refilled for 5 years from the test date.

If you have a new tank, it may be filled for 12 years from the manufacturing date. So, let’s add it all up; you can swap your tank and only get a tank that is 3/4 full. You may be getting an old tank that can only be refilled for 5 years or less. Or, you can bring your tank into Constantine’s and get a full refill.

We have a loyalty card that will give you a free tank of propane after you buy 8 tanks of propane and receive the 9th free.

We can fill your residential gas grill tanks, motor home tanks and forklift propane cylinders here.